Tips for Creating a Free Online Store That Will Make You a $10,000 in Two Weeks

$10,000 in two weeks as a new webpreneur? How is this possible?

These are some of the questions revolving around your mind upon reading the title of this article. Probably, it takes you a month or so to make such amount on your small brick and mortar store. As you read the article, a flashback popped up in your mind.  When you launched your in-store, in the first six months you made less than $5000. How then can you create a free website builder and make such a killing revenue in two weeks?


Unlike in the physical arena, your ability to attract and convert visitors to customers is the secret to profitability. Your approach or strategy is the only weapon you need to win over your large -scale competitors. To get you there, here are the top 4 tips you need to apply:

Ensure you have an attractive web design

Humans are visual beings. They develop a desire for and are attracted by beautiful things. As a wise webpreneur dreaming of success, you need to capitalize on this idea. How you appear is the cradle of all actions that your target customer will take. If your web design is blur and dull, regardless of the quality of the products or the prices you are offering, making a sale will remain unmet desire.

So, do not use the availed free templates and seatback waiting for cash to rain. Instead, tweak and customize them to fit with your brand. Remember, uniqueness is a driver of online success and visitor attraction. Hence be unique by enhancing your web design attractiveness.

Offer reliable and quality customer support

One mistake that top online sellers make is neglecting the customer service aspect. If you visit many online stores social pages, you can confirm that customers are a frustrated lot.  Too bad. However, instead of showing empathy to them without taking any action, you need to offer them a lasting solution.

Offering topnotch and reliable customer services will lead to referrals and recommendation. Regardless of your newness status, the main concern is to get an amicable solution to their problem and not the age of your store. As such, if you launch your online store and set its slogan as customer driven, generating $10,000 can take even a lesser period.

  • On-time deliveries – Did you know that between 3 and 7% of the packages arrive late every single day? If shipping carriers miss the delivery time, they usually agree to refund the shipping cost. A lot of companies don’t have the time to review invoices for every single delivery so as long as the packages arrive on time or close enough they are satisfied.

Have a well-elaborate “about us Page.”

The online store is the main contact between you and your prospects. When a customer lands on your store, their first interest is to know who you are. Since you are not available to offer the details, let the store site tell it all. In this essence, ensure that you have relayed all critical information that a visitor might need in your “about us page.” Importantly, provide your contact and social media information. Do not make it hard for the visitor to reach you. Otherwise, losing a sale will happen within an eye blink.

Offer well-recognized payment options

Even with reliable customer support, a great about us page, and wooing web design, you may find that making sales on your store remains a dream. Why? One of the cause might be your payment processing option. In the age of increasing cyber-crimes, customers are vigilant when purchasing products online.

Providing a less popular payment option is enough to scare aware a potential customer. For this reason, offer payment processing options such PayPal and recognized credit card processors.  This way, you will gain trust from your customers.

All in all, making 10,000 dollars in two weeks after launching a free online store is not a hard tackle. Following the above tips can enable you to achieve the goal within the duration or shorter.