Importance of Having Your Domain Name When Building your e-commerce Website with Free Ecommerce Website Builder

When building your own e-commerce website using an online store builder free, you are given a free subdomain that contains the name of the web builder. For example, if you’re building your free e-commerce website with free WordPress, your domain name will read ‘’ While this is good, it doesn’t look professional. That’s why you need your domain name, preferably a .dom domain name. This post talks about the importance of having your domain name when creating your e-commerce website with a free e-commerce website builder:

Having your domain name when creating your site using an online store builder free offers your site a professional look

Remember that your domain name will determine how people perceive your brand. If it’s professional, more people will trust your brand. If it’s not, you will lose a lot of customers. Free subdomains are long, which means they are not easy to remember. That’s one sign of unprofessionalism. Your own domain name is short and easy to remember, which makes your site look professional.

Using a professional domain to create your site with free e-commerce website builder increases its search engine rankings

Good search engine ranking is important for your e-commerce website. Appearing on the first page of search engine results means you’ll have a ton of organic traffic streaming to your e-commerce store. Organic traffic guarantees sales. Search engines attach a huge value on domain names when ranking your e-commerce website. A short, memorable domain that reflects your business is more likely to drive your e-commerce website on top of search engine rankings.

Your domain name can give value to a site built with free e-commerce website templates

Your domain name is what online searchers see first when your e-commerce website comes up in their search results. Prospects and customers place a high value on domain names because they know they reflect the products or services offered by the businesses. That means a domain name plays a critical role in their expectations. For instance, when a customer types a domain name like, they expect to find top-quality computers. Your domain name will help you achieve that.


It’s a good idea to have your domain name even if you’re creating your e-commerce website with free e-commerce website builder. It will help you start your online business on a high note.