Why New and Experienced Business Owners Use Magento Free E-commerce Website Builder to Create Their Online Stores

Magento is one of the most popular free e-commerce website builders in the U.S.A. and the rest of the world. It’s an advanced, as well as an open source e-commerce website builder. The platform was initially developed by Varien Inc. a private company located in Culver City, California. Its popularity comes merely from the fact that it’s responsible for transacting over $101 billion each year. Let’s look at the reasons why new and experienced business owners are drifting towards Magento online store builder free:

Magento free e-commerce website builder comes with thousands of themes

If you do not have any web design skills and the money to create an e-commerce website from scratch, you won’t have to worry if you choose Magento. It comes with a glittering array of themes to build your site quickly even without web design skills.

Magento free e-commerce website builder comes with shopping cart software

Shopping cart software streamlines the entire check out process. Customers can add their items to the shopping cart, and the software calculates the total amount, including taxes and other charges. The good thing about shopping cart is that a customer can manage his/her expenditure. Magento also offers multiple payment options like Credit and debit cards, PayPal, Simple Pay, Authorize.net, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments.

Magento free e-commerce website builder comes with powerful SEO capabilities

The e-commerce website builder is already optimized for search engines. Plus, it comes with numerous SEO tools and configurations to increase organic traffic to your e-commerce website.

Magento free e-commerce website builder comes with strong marketing capabilities

Magento allows you to maximize your marketing opportunities within your store and storefront. You can boost your e-commerce sales with promotions, such as sales invitations, private sales, free shipping, special pricing and other impressive offers. You can also leverage customers shopping carts to upsell and cross-sell.

Magento free e-commerce website builder comes with analytics and reporting

Full analytics and reporting allow you to measure the performance of your e-commerce website. You can measure your traffic, and generate detailed shopping cart reports, sales reports, the fast moving and slow moving products report, inventory report and much more.


Other attractive aspects about Magento are that it allows you to create multiple e-commerce websites, manage your products efficiently, manage your orders, offers impeccable customer service and offers mobile capabilities. Magento is one free e-commerce website builder you should check out.